Gemstones have an undeniable timeless beauty that inspires awe and wonder; and (for man and magpies alike) a strong desire to possess them. These natural treasures, formed below the earth’s crust millions of years ago, cover a full spectrum of colour and come in a wide range of different hues. The fact that precious gems are often as valuable as they are beautiful has encouraged people to collect, gift and trade them for centuries. However, when trading in gemstones, people need to have confidence in their quality and identity. A certificate is the only way to prove a gemstone’s identity and authenticity. Reliable certification, issued by an independent, expert gemmologist is therefore essential for buyers and sellers alike.

A gemmologist can identify a gemstone and evaluate characteristics such as clarity, colour, quality, rarity and cut. By conducting specific tests, a gemmologist can determine whether a stone has been treated using heat or chemicals and whether its properties are derived naturally or created in a lab. Nowadays, specific expertise and the knowledge required to interpret a gem’s characteristics are more necessary than ever to determine a gem’s identity reliably.

Certification has been a lucrative business for some time, with many companies charging over the odds for unnecessary extras. But, IJGC may well be as unique as the gemstones we examine. We aim to make certification as affordable as possible and we have taken the necessary steps to achieve this. Inspired by the fair and open approach to pricing used by budget airlines we have taken measures to create a budget certification service.

  • We work with batches of over 20 gemstones.
  • We charge a set price based on the amount of work required rather than the size of the stone.
  • Our pricing structure is transparent from the outset; and
  • Our budget service covers the essential elements of certification, namely identification.

However, it is a well-known fact within our sector that a definitive end conclusion regarding all aspects of a gem’s identity, specifically whether it is natural or synthetic and whether it has been treated cannot always be reached within a reasonable time limit.
To guarantee the reliability of our service, IJGC will not make any statements that cannot be fully supported. We therefore only accept gemstones that can be assessed thoroughly and conclusively within the timeframe permissible for budget certification. If it won’t be possible to reach a definitive conclusion within this timeframe, we believe it is our moral duty to return the gemstone in question without certification. However, we will always provide reasons for a gem’s refusal. Consequently, our work is governed by a duty of efforts rather than a duty of results, which gives us a legal entitlement to fulfil our moral obligation.

To ensure our customers have a clear idea of what gemstones are and are not eligible for budget certification prior to submission, we have also drawn up our own Gem Acceptance Table, which customers can use to compile their batch. This limits the number of gemstones we must return without certification following the initial screening and registration process. This cooperative approach also helps our customers to avoid paying administration fees for ineligible stones.

Furthermore, we’ve designed the IJGC-SecurCase, with our customers in mind. It provides a 360° view of the stone so this understated presentation box won’t detract from the beauty of the gem. And, with the certificate number and QR code printed on the tamper-proof labels used to seal the box, the SecurCase doubles as the certificate; making it both practical and secure. Reducing documentation in this way, serves to reduce costs and it’s kinder to the environment.

Identification of each gem is conducted in our own laboratory under the guidance and supervision of expert gemmologist Eddy Vleeschdrager who has over 50 years’ experience working with diamonds and precious stones. Working alongside jewellery expert Elkan Wijnberg, you’d be hard-pushed to find a team with a higher level of skill or a greater depth of knowledge in the gemstones and jewellery sector.

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