As the founder of Adin Antique Jewellery, a renowned jewellery shop based in Antwerp, Elkan Wijnberg has long been aware of the need for traders to obtain independent, expert certification for any gemstones, diamonds, jewellery or watches they wish to sell. However, in an industry where presentation and style often take precedence over value for money, this service is usually very expensive.

Elkan wanted to set up a very different kind of certification company. He saw a gap in the market that could be filled by applying an honest and open approach to certification fees. With IJGC, he has created a company that is set to buck the current certification trend.

Inspired by the business model used by budget airlines, Elkan put his mind to creating a budget certification company, which would provide all the essentials of certification at the lowest possible price. After all, the success of budget airlines has proven that value for money does not mean compromising on essentials. Safety, reliability, security and expertise are not affected and of course, the basic service remains the same: Budget airlines still transport their passengers safely and reliably from A to B. Budget certification still provides authentication of an item by an independent expert.

When booking a flight with a budget airline, customers know in advance that non-essential luxuries such as extra leg-room or baggage allowance will incur an additional charge. IJGC has taken this open and honest approach on board and is committed to transparent communication with its own customers. IJGC ensures its customers are fully aware of what items are eligible for budget certification from the outset and how much the examination of each item is likely to cost. IJGC has even gone so far as to devise a Gem Acceptance Table for their customers to use as a guide when compiling a batch of items for submission. This collaborative and transparent approach can save both parties time and money. Basic certification is charged at a low, fixed price and optional extras that add real value to the service can be purchased separately.

With online gemstone and jewellery trading becoming increasingly common, reliable, professional certification is not only essential to prove an item’s quality and authenticity, it must also be available at the click of a button. Therefore, with its customers in mind, IJGC has developed a time-saving tool in the form of our optional digital package. This optional extra includes standardised photos and certificate information in digital format.
With this digital package, it has never been easier to list and sell gemstones, diamonds, jewellery or watches online. Furthermore, if you order the digital package at the same time as submitting your items for certification, it costs just 50% of the standard digital package price, thus saving you a lot of time for very little money.

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So how has IJGC managed to reduce the cost of certification?

  • We charge a fixed fee for the time required to perform a thorough examination, irrespective of the value of the item or the size of the stone.
  • We’ve paired the service back to its essential elements in terms of the tests we carry out and the information we provide.
  • We preclude items that require a more extensive examination process.
  • We work in large batches of over 20 items, specifically concerning our gemstone certification service.

These measures serve to reduce the amount of time required to identify all the items in a batch and to provide reliable certification for each individual item.

We also refuse to make any claims that cannot be substantiated. Anyone working in the industry will know that with some items it is not possible to arrive at a definitive end conclusion. Consequently, every item we receive goes through preliminary screening following registration in our system, so that its eligibility for budget certification can be verified. Our work is also governed by a duty of best efforts (as opposed to a duty of results), which means we are legally entitled to return any ineligible items without certification. Moreover, we believe we have a moral obligation to do so if we cannot conduct a conclusive examination. But, we do try to limit the number of ineligible items we receive, by working in partnership with our customers and encouraging them to use the Gem Acceptance Table to compile their batch.

With a view to further reducing certification fees, we then considered the additional costs associated with providing the results of the examination. This usually involves producing a fancy, printed certificate and a luxury presentation box, but we’ve developed an equally-attractive yet secure, low-cost and ecologically sound solution: the IJGC-SecurCase.

The IJGC-SecurCase is a beautiful, tamper-proof, presentation box which provides a 360° view of the item it contains and also serves as your certificate of authenticity. All the information you need is available at a glance on the label used to secure and seal the box. The bespoke IJGC-SecurCase is more environmentally friendly than traditional certification because the certificate is provided as an online document. You simply use the certificate number and QR code printed on your IJGC-SecurCase to view your e-certificate online, which you can then choose to print if you wish. Our service is secure, efficient and won’t cost the earth: we’ll look after your product, your planet and your profit margins.

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