By submitting the items for examination and by paying the fee, the customer indicates that he/she understands the current Terms and Conditions and agrees to the content.

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The IJGC FIXED-PRICE SERVICE is an obligation of means, by which IJGC™ makes a commitment solely to the customer (to the exclusion of all others) to examine the item submitted for identification (precious stone - jewellery - precious metal
- watch), in accordance with the customer’s order as described in this agreement. Identification differs according to the personal knowledge and experience of the person making the assessment with respect to the methods, techniques and generally applicable standards and practices known to him/her at that time and according to the testing equipment available in the IJGC™ laboratory at that time. The customer knows and accepts that identification is always an interpretation and on that basis, may differ from an interpretation by a third party, in part due to the subjective nature of the assessment.

- The IJGC FIXED-PRICE SERVICE comprises the supply of an IJGC-SecurCase and e-certificate.
An IJGC-SecurCase is a container in which the examined item is encased between two membranes and which is sealed using an adhesive paper label on which the basic information regarding the examined item is printed, along with a QR code that provides access to the online version of the certificate in PDF format. The adhesive paper label also shows two numbers. The first number is the unique certificate number for the examined item in the internal IJGC™ identification system. The second number is a security number for control. This is sealed, in its entirety, with a plastic seal and hologram.

- The only valid account of the results of the examination is the intact IJGC-SecurCase bearing a QR code, certificate number and security number that match the IJGC™ code numbers. The QR code and/or the certificate number on the IJGC-SecurCase give the customer access to an online e-certificate that the customer can print out an unlimited number of times at no extra cost. The e-certificate itself has no evidentiary value. The e-certificate is only valid for information if it is used together with the intact IJGC-SecurCase and if it is accompanied by the IJGC™ Terms and Conditions.

- The customer can order a supplementary Digital Package, which comprises, in digital format:

- 4 images of the identified item
- 1 image of the IJGC-SecurCase
- 1 image of the front of the e-certificate
- 1 image of the QR code
- 1 image of the IJGC-logo
- The text document containing the information on the e-certificate

As a rule, IJGC™ does not provide an estimate of the value of the goods. There is no connection between the identification and the market - or the intrinsic monetary value of the items IJGC™ examines, so the IJGC™ examination cannot be used as evidence of value.

Exclusively for jewellery (to the exclusion of precious stones and watches) IJGC™ can, at the customer’s specific and express request, determine the value of the item to be examined, based on the calculated forced resale value. Any such determination of value is a snapshot of the item’s potential value at that time.


- The agreement is only concluded once the following cumulative conditions have been met:

1/ Submission of the item to be examined.
Excepting positive evidence to the contrary it is assumed that the items received by IJGC™ will be returned in the same condition as that in which they were received.


2/ Receipt of the unit price owed.
The unit price applies per item to be examined, unless otherwise agreed. The unit price is paid by credit card and is subject to the full amount including the cost of any future additional necessary and/or desired investigative acts and/or other extras.

- IJGC™ reserves the right to refuse an assignment or to return an uncompleted assignment (in the latter case providing reasons and/or advice) with reimbursement of the purchase price of the requested assignment(s), potentially reduced by administration costs.

- The items are received by IJGC™ staff that do not have knowledge of precious stones, therefore when they are received only the unique item number and the unique weight are linked to the item. If any such item does not fit within the IJGC™ FIXED PRICE SERVICE, it may be refused under the conditions stated above.


- IJGC™ is not liable for any use made of the IJGC-SecurCase and/or printed-out e-certificate by the bearer, and/or for any direct or indirect damage and/or loss resulting from it.

- In the event of a claim for damage/loss of the item to be examined or for any direct, indirect, material or financial damage that has allegedly been caused by the existence of a valid IJGC-SecurCase or a printed e-certificate, IJGC™’s liability for proven fault is financially limited to the price the original co-contractor/customer paid to IJGC™ to carry out the identification.
No further compensation is due, even in the event of a grave error.
IJGC™ is not responsible for the quality and/or defects in the IJGC-SecurCase. It is not liable for any damage/losses that may be caused by such defects.


- Complaints for loss or damage are only admissible, under penalty of a loss of rights, when they are submitted in writing within two working days of receipt of the IJGC-SecurCase.

- Legal claims must be submitted, under penalty of a loss of rights, no later than 6 months after the items have been collected by the customer. This period is a limitation period.


- The items to be examined are transported at the sole risk of the customer.

- In the event that an assignment is refused, any costs associated with the return transport and administration costs, will be debited from the security deposit held on the credit card.


-IJGC™ does not arrange any liability or fully comprehensive goods insurance.
IJGC™ does not accept any responsibility for the valuation indicated by the customer. The valuation does not bear any relationship to the IJGC™ supplied IJGC-SecurCase and is valid only for the requirements of the insurance policy to be taken out.


- IJGC is not a custodian of the items to be determined and accepts no liability for any loss or damage. It does not insure the objects.

- In the event that the customer does not collect the items following a reminder from IJGC to do so, or if the customer defaults on payment to IJGC, IJGC is entitled to sell the items (still at the customer’s own risk).

- Any costs thus incurred will be deducted from the sale price, if this is sufficient to cover costs, and the credit balance will be transferred to the customer. If the sale price is not sufficient to cover the costs, the customer remains liable for the shortfall.


- The nullity of certain clauses in this agreement shall not nullify the remaining clauses, which remain fully applicable to this agreement.


- This agreement is governed exclusively by Belgian law.


- The Courts of the Antwerp arrondissement have sole jurisdiction over disputes related to this agreement.


- This agreement and Terms and Conditions were originally compiled in Dutch.

English language versions are translations.

- In the event of a dispute concerning the precise content/meaning and interpretation between the different texts, the Dutch version takes precedence.

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